let your creativity unfold in right direction….


let  your  creativity unfold  in  right  direction….

Creativity ….having a sense of doing something creative

Creative …exploring your thoughts and then shaping them in some form or another

so these are some basic definitions with which one can approach the big big world of Creativity.

You might have heard that everyone of us have some sort of talent …but the question is

how many of us recognise  it

it doesn’t stops here,,,,again one may ask how many of us capitalise on recognised talents

if we give it a more deep thought the question arises how many of us capitalise on the talent, given to us  by God , in the right direction?

This  article doesn’t give you a quantitized survey or some dubious numbers but gives you a chance  Or compels you to unfold your creativity in right direction.

Recognising  the talent

We have observed  the younger ones at home playing with their  toys ,,having their own stories to tell   with  their  imagination going from the various modes such as mode of observations(they observe a lot),mode of curosity,etc etc and they put in all this to CREATE ,to SHAPE their thoughts

Take  the example as follows

here is an  airplane model  he made last year  (he was 6 and a half year or so at that time) .  I was amazed to see  that one,,,and the way he was using it as a prop for his story telling stuff was much more amazing .I asked him about how he made it  and he litrally explained me all those steps

Check this out too (he tells me it’s a bee or a mosquito ).He was really concerned about minute details like ..there must be pointed nose etc .

who knows he can make something like these ones  in future ….


Its just an example but the point I want to stress upon is that you have to somehow recognise the talent you possess which offcourse is a difficult job .Its generally the thing that interest you the most ,that you look out for, isnt it But what if you have two or three such things, what if you can’t decide or zero on to a single point ..simply  have a go at all of them (it would be better if you do something taking care of all your interests) ,,,,,no need to go to a psychic for that…

Capitalising  on the talent

Next concern is capitalising on your discovered talent .as said earlier  have a go at all of them  but what to do ,how to do,when to do.,…….

I was also concerned about these things in some other perspective but someone said to me JUST DO IT ,,,

Yes ,some sort of planning must be there but BE CAREFUL<> DON’T MAKE THINGS TOO COMPLICATED FOR YOURSELF <>

Because if you do that I can gurantee you that  your interest will start to go down..

So plan a little ,enjoy ,and don’t try to jump from lowest to highest

Right direction

That’s the most interesting and challenging part .How do you recognize this ?

One way can be follow your instinct ,,,,,which I don’t think is dependable method.so how can a person come to know about the right direction .

Another way ‘try them all’again I don’t think its sensible enough to do so.

So whats the answer


It’s the best and most accurate method.It can be compared as a case of

Self medication vs Advise of an Authorized Doctor

We  with our defects are not potent enough to  have an ascending  way of getting knowledge so better follow a descending path ,,that’s coming from a higher authority and that too authorized one.

Just for an example if you want to be an engineer you join engineering institutes and your preference is offcourse a government recognized one ,,So submissively approach a higher authority having similar interests or who is in complete knowledge of that matter to show you the right path

The last part of the article is the most practicle and best one and it can be applied in every field of your life like if someone is spiritually  inclined  try to approach a bonafide authority and let your creativity  unfold in right direction.

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