What are you going to do with this money

Before I start, just one thing I am not a pessimist

so here it goes

Panting  like anything.What happened boss.Why are you running so hard and for what.

Just a one word answer:MONEY

well if  you give it a thought its not hard to imagine that today people are in a marathon where there are differnt stages and hence different prizes(money offcourse)presented.They run their whole life trying to get this imagining that they will get out some pleasure out of it and in the end even while giving up this body their only concern is their Bank balance and how their family is going to perform in this marathon.

i am not at all saying that its not important(offcourse if you give it a more deep thinking ,,for some it is not) but yes, IS IT WORTHY ENOUGH TO SELL YOUR LIFE IN RETURN OF SAY A MILLION DOLLARS OR ADD UP AS MUCH YOU WANT,,

Is it really that much important.

Before you come to a conclusion lets have a look at few points

We do any work thinking that  we are to derive some pleasure out of it.Isn’t it?So that means We have a conception that Money will give me pleasure and I will be happy or happier.But Do you really become happy .Is  there real pleasure or not.Its just temporary.No Money banks will give one  a surity that yes even in next lifetime one can use the account ( they are not even sure about this lifetime only what to say about next).

some may think my family life will be successful but we see so many family fueds over this money.

some are having full faith that this money will make me the most influential person on this earth,so,but the question is for how long.As soon as you are dead slowly you and your money will fade away.

You can think about different ways to make use of this money but all you find is some temporary pleasure 

I  am not a pessimist,No not at all when i mention above things .My only concern is that why to waste so much energy on a thing which is just going to give you temporary benefit.Actually you can say that its ultimate optimism::WHY NOT WORK FOR A HIGHER CAUSE ,that can give you a higher ,Real pleasure,which is not temporary.

So what is the thing then which can give you best result.

lets see if we can have some points to discuss about this in future articles but yes those of you who are really interested there is a way…just pray to God to reveal that path to you.

just think about it .


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