hmm…Its hard to write on something like this but at the same time it is easy as well.The reason is obvious and that is that We all have some sort of fear.So we all are not stranger to this feeling but at the same time its difficult to
talk about your fear.I wont go into details such as types of fear,or what harmone is released for this..nah..
REASON:::I want to share something more important
Why do we have fear say of anything…losing,separation,ghosts,death,old age
….etc etc.Well the point is “ATTACHMENT ” to some  things like we are attached to aur families,some may  be attached to any particular object say money,and yes who dont want to live forever isnt it ,,,

We fear that someone will take away our beloved thing which according to us the central point of our lives.Offcourse there can be more than one cases of fear.But point is at a particular moment one fear is bigger than the other.

So all the time we are in some sort of anxiety isnt it ,,It is just the level of that Anxiety that may vary from less to more,but Anxiety is there,,Exam tension,,Family tension,,Peer group,ahhh…and We can go on and on .

but most of  the time we are fearing for the things which themselves are not of eternal nature.One day or anotherwhen you will be a dead person ,,all the money will be gone,,Fame etc everything will be lost isnt it and that time you cant save yourself from death by giving huge amount of money or saying that Please leave me ,,Nah

my point is that its better not to fear for such things,so does that mean be a pessimistic ,,Worlds gonna end oh la ohla..

this is only one part ,,Moving towards a better part <<

Why not work for a thing which goes in my eternal bank account(U have one,,;)..Mail me).Why not have fear for a thing which will raise me to  a higher level,,and speaking like a shrewd businessman ,,What profit Am i getting to fear for temporary things ,,What should be my point of attachment so that i can love that thing and even if I am afraid of losing it ,,I just get more closer to it…and when I get that There will be “No More Fear”

sounds nice

NO MORE FEAR,,what say.

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  1. Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

  2. hey sure
    thanx for even asking that
    I would have taken (a pic only,,not material)even without asking the blogger

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