Check:: Is it Love or Lust

(I wanna clearify that I am not a what you call Aashik bechara but am just giving a view on this topic)

Nice topic,,yeah actually very relevant topic keeping in mind the present day scenario. Isn’t it

Though People having Girlfriends or Boyfriends can relate to this question more than those who are not in so called love..but that does not mean that this article doesn’t hold any value for them..We will see.
Here it goes….
Do you think you have ever loved someone(in general) say your family members,friends or anyone of opposite sex(bf or gf)
Answer ::Offcourse ,,I care for my family members (friends/bf/gf),they care for me,,We love each other.A perfect scene

you see give and take..scene.(we will come back to this later on..)
Now add a little bit melodrama to it
Again I ask you the same question
Answer::I dont know whether She loves me or not ..I will love her till my dyeing breath
ok can any one go ahead than this
Answer::My love will continue even after i next birth ,in next life

Now I ask you Whats the criteria u set for saying that You love someone
Answer::I just like her/wanna spend rest of my life with her/there is something about her,,that even if she doesn’t love me i will continue to love her…

the 3 answers above are nothing but different degree of Lust and nothing else

They may seem to be degrees of love but If you think it rationally ,enough doubts about love may arise

1.When You will get old and she not so good looking,,will you still love her

2.Someone more beautiful comes around,then what is the reaction in your heart

3.No sex.

these are just a few parameters i am talking about .

So whats actually LOVE

1.Love is Eternal,now you have to leave this body after death ,,,the love we think is love ends there by only.

2.Your abject of love must be able to satisfy you each and everytime you bank upon him/her/it.(Which is not the case,you see more and more divorces,fights and lusty desires for persons other than your partner(affair))

There must be many more points to describe Love and when you compare it with Love we have for girlfriends /boyfriends you can see the difference.

Point is that LOVE IS PERFECT STAGEĀ  and Lust is just an imitation of it.

I might be sounding as rubbish thinking of a Utopian stage but again there must be a Reference and it has to be zero level of contamination of the Love

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