A sms poem(couldn’t think of a title)

note :: The first line of the poem has been inspired by an old song
I wrote this one when one of my friends couldn’t mail some important pics even after trying so hard .Intrestingly this seems to have better Bewfaii feeling,,

Thus poems can be decptive and you see i couldn’t think of an app title
(was just a SMS so its a short one)

ki unko kahein bhi toh kya kahein,
bewafa vo nahi …
halaat hi kuch aise the ki vo wafaa kar na sake..
dil toh saaf tha unka bhi…
par dil ke jajbaat ubhar na sake..
ki yun to gam ka aashiyan hi ,unse mila..
khushi is baat ki hai ke vo bhi hum se dur khush nhi.,,,,
aur chahta toh har koi hai par naseeb nahi hota..
pyaar ki dubti kashti main hum akele nahi

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