Ultimate Ghissu

How many times have u heard the term GHISSU or even said it to someone.

For those who don’t know what a Ghissu is..keep me on your side as I am also confused Who A Ghissu actually is.

My perception of Ghissu is what you call a Kitaabi kida(Bookworm) that is the person is overwhelmingly dedicated to studies only.

Due to an incident at my college I took up this Issue with one of my friends and we started discussing about it .

He told me that the people who use this word can be categorized into differnt kinds.We actually thought that these students get more marks sometimes than students being addessed as Ghissus and if not more comparable is the right word .

I was and am particularly angry and sincerely think that they are Insecure ,thats all.They actually can’t take that someone is more dedicated than them.

The arguments that they give is that only studies aren’t life ,there is more to it.Infact I say the samething that studies are not the only thing ,,but i say it in a positive sense and not a negative sense

categorization of a positive and negative is easier

If you want to see good (in real) for the other being you are thinking in positve terms but generally as i said the culprits are Insecure.

Some may be right and they prove there point by getting better results but then they have no right to undermine others perfomance or say them Ghissus.


Positive sense ::

Studies are a part of life but this human form of life has been given for higher things .Offcourse studies are important for a studentĀ  but as a prescribed duty(like fighting was for Arjuna in Mahabharat) but constitutional duty is higher than it .So do your prescribed duty (inaction is sinful) but remember your Constitutional duty of Serving the Lord.

As long as one want good for others its alright but i am frustrated at the idea of students bullying others to be a ghissu .Offcourse some of them saying ghissu term might not be on the negativeĀ  side either and might be saying it in a funny way thats all .

I decided to find out What a Ghissu is according to different people and I am working on this thing.I will post them in a differnt entry ,later on

Waiting for your responses

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