O maggi.!!

This is a nothing of a poem,,maybe one of the most ridiculuous one i have ever written but i can’t help myself but posting it.It was written on the spot during a conversation with a friend (roughly 1 year back).
I did some  changes in 1 -2 lines only,,now
.(Maggi wale maar denge,,,lol)
Here it goes::

o maggi ,,o maggi
do minute main ban hai jati
un do minuto(minutes) main de deti khushiyaan
apno ke saath hone ki
tera ek ek ansh
jaise un palo ka hisaab rakhta hai
jo mujh ko mujh se jodte hain
mujh ko apno se jodte hain
tujh ko hum sab se
jodte hain
toh aaja maggi
aaj fir jod de……
.apne peele dhago se
o maggi o maggi…
o maggi o maggi

koi bana ke khila do boss…lol

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