Poetry And A Self Proclaimed Poet

When i sat down to write” something about anything   “,,,i was perplexed about the “anything” part.

But as i decided to share some feelings about Poetry i got  confused or rather amazed by the “Something” part.

Poetry,is “something”  that was  all i could think  and still i felt  i could  go on writing about it.

That says all.doesn’t it

I don’t want to define Poetry because i don’t think i can bind it in a certain definition.Infact its the ” freedom of expression” that Poetry has which makes it so affable to me .How many times a Poet may appreciate this quality of his work which enables him to express as himself as he wants too.It can be anything Agony,Anger,Betrayal,Rage,Revolution …anything you say,Poetry has it

The thoughts take the form of words and poem flows like a river of thoughts conveying the message to desired person.thats the power of Poetry.

Poetry has given a new dimension to my life ,,(i am a “self proclaimed poet”, if u forgot 🙂 ) .Its like a friend , i could relate to,i could turn to when I want ,i could look up to when i need .

It has become a means to explore the world ,a means to find new friends,a means to revive friendship and yes a means to express my feelings.Feelings,which remained restricted to me find out there way to outside world through Poetry and that is what I appreciate the most.

Poetry links me to the  beautiful expressions at  Megzone and Open Mind .

The point is it somehow plays a linking and distincting(is there any word like this) part at same time ,writing about different things and liking it likeways

All I can say is that..

I thank God for giving this to me .

And yes,

I am not a great poet,not a frequent blogger and have less frequency of writing poems but one thing which sets me apart is that i could say  “Poetry is something” and yet i could go on and on writing about it