A New Journey on the Cards(Thursday Poets Rally)

Woha! Here is my chance of shooting to fame (hehehehe,,i am still a self proclaimed poet,,no one else thinks that i am actually one 😛 :D)

Sweet Jingle has this Thursday Poets rally at her blog ,,a must for upcoming bloggers,looking out for making some great friends having similar interests ..


so here’s my entry (first one ) for the rally…and yeah I wrote this one for one of my friends.She just got placed…Whoa whoa,,

A new journey on the cards..

full of enthusiasm you are..

morosity is far apart

searching your life..you move forward.


As a princess,now you shine,,

Life appears to be sublime.

full of adventures is your new world..

May you glide through like a bird..


A thought of happiness

and a feeling of bliss

may follow you,,

O lovely miss…

P.S. As far as I remember this is only my second attempt at writing a poem in English(i generally write in hindi)

Last time I wrote in English ,,was i think in third or fifth standard in school

“Bird can fly,

Penguin can fly,,

why can’t i fly”

Ahhh yaar Penguins don’t fly or do they ,,,see i am still confused

Anywayz waiting for your comments ,,,

“Don’t wanna say see ya

can’t say Hee ya..

so i think Ma Ma mia will do”

Bad PJ..hehe