My First Video shoot

Aha ,,ma ma miaaaa …

Here i am …so much wait for this one…has been almost a month or so ,,,,

This is my first video post,,:D

I was sitting and my big bro turned up saying why not make a video ,with  me reading out one of  my poems,,,it sounded cool and there were we ,after some time, made a video

I was nervous ,i stammered a little bit ,,and as such was  facing camera for first time but i decided to post the first try itself because thats what spontaniety is all about..

This one is EK dil tha mere paas bhi.

For lyrics of poem go here :Ek dil tha mere paas bhi

waiting for your views :);)

(ye bata do yaar kurte pajame main kaisa lag raha hoon)