Main, meri patni aur woh

(THIS ISN’T A REVIEW OF THE MOVIE  so don’t get disheartened (as if this is the only thing u are meant to do) )

For those who don’t know this is a name of a movie starring Rajpal Yadav( the funny short man of hindi film industry) who plays the short heighted ,not so good looking husband of his attractive,charming wife.

Thats the cue from the movie that i want to share here.

I am also not that tall  when compared to most of the boys of my class or say peer group.Right from my childhood I had this feeling of being inferior to others because of this.

Main, Meri Patni aur WohI used to worry about making girlfriends,About my marriage,And yes will she have a affair//(Main Meri Patni aur Woh..u see the connection)

I used to dream about me being tall(though I rate myself cutest )

I was pleasently naughty and cynosure of all eyes but yes somewhere inside i always yearned to be taller.I used to  imagine  about being a tall guy.

Some of my relatives used to say “Thoda aur lamba ho jata ,..tohkya persona hota”

I hated them,,

I condoled myself and tried to reply themselves by thinking about Sachin who is short in height but tall in stature.

There was a Doha by Kabir

Bada hua toh kya hua jaise paid(tree) khajur,

Panthi ko chaya nahi fal lage ati dur.

I hummed this one whenever someone commented about my height,just going by its word to word meaning.

(I am not that short guys ,,its just that others were taller than me)

But deep inside i knew ,,these were  just a kind of excuse,,

Used to ask God it was like this ,,why?

And yes i got the answer that has satisfied me ,not like those excuses


So how does it matter whether my body is tall or short ,,its just temporary.

Due to my previous deeds i Got this body,,thats all.

So no more Worries  about My body,My wife and yes the person with whom she will have her first affair..:) 😀

Ultimate Ghissu

How many times have u heard the term GHISSU or even said it to someone.

For those who don’t know what a Ghissu is..keep me on your side as I am also confused Who A Ghissu actually is.

My perception of Ghissu is what you call a Kitaabi kida(Bookworm) that is the person is overwhelmingly dedicated to studies only.

Due to an incident at my college I took up this Issue with one of my friends and we started discussing about it .

He told me that the people who use this word can be categorized into differnt kinds.We actually thought that these students get more marks sometimes than students being addessed as Ghissus and if not more comparable is the right word .

I was and am particularly angry and sincerely think that they are Insecure ,thats all.They actually can’t take that someone is more dedicated than them.

The arguments that they give is that only studies aren’t life ,there is more to it.Infact I say the samething that studies are not the only thing ,,but i say it in a positive sense and not a negative sense

categorization of a positive and negative is easier

If you want to see good (in real) for the other being you are thinking in positve terms but generally as i said the culprits are Insecure.

Some may be right and they prove there point by getting better results but then they have no right to undermine others perfomance or say them Ghissus.


Positive sense ::

Studies are a part of life but this human form of life has been given for higher things .Offcourse studies are important for a student  but as a prescribed duty(like fighting was for Arjuna in Mahabharat) but constitutional duty is higher than it .So do your prescribed duty (inaction is sinful) but remember your Constitutional duty of Serving the Lord.

As long as one want good for others its alright but i am frustrated at the idea of students bullying others to be a ghissu .Offcourse some of them saying ghissu term might not be on the negative  side either and might be saying it in a funny way thats all .

I decided to find out What a Ghissu is according to different people and I am working on this thing.I will post them in a differnt entry ,later on

Waiting for your responses

Check:: Is it Love or Lust

(I wanna clearify that I am not a what you call Aashik bechara but am just giving a view on this topic)

Nice topic,,yeah actually very relevant topic keeping in mind the present day scenario. Isn’t it

Though People having Girlfriends or Boyfriends can relate to this question more than those who are not in so called love..but that does not mean that this article doesn’t hold any value for them..We will see.
Here it goes….
Do you think you have ever loved someone(in general) say your family members,friends or anyone of opposite sex(bf or gf)
Answer ::Offcourse ,,I care for my family members (friends/bf/gf),they care for me,,We love each other.A perfect scene

you see give and take..scene.(we will come back to this later on..)
Now add a little bit melodrama to it
Again I ask you the same question
Answer::I dont know whether She loves me or not ..I will love her till my dyeing breath
ok can any one go ahead than this
Answer::My love will continue even after i next birth ,in next life

Now I ask you Whats the criteria u set for saying that You love someone
Answer::I just like her/wanna spend rest of my life with her/there is something about her,,that even if she doesn’t love me i will continue to love her…

the 3 answers above are nothing but different degree of Lust and nothing else

They may seem to be degrees of love but If you think it rationally ,enough doubts about love may arise

1.When You will get old and she not so good looking,,will you still love her

2.Someone more beautiful comes around,then what is the reaction in your heart

3.No sex.

these are just a few parameters i am talking about .

So whats actually LOVE

1.Love is Eternal,now you have to leave this body after death ,,,the love we think is love ends there by only.

2.Your abject of love must be able to satisfy you each and everytime you bank upon him/her/it.(Which is not the case,you see more and more divorces,fights and lusty desires for persons other than your partner(affair))

There must be many more points to describe Love and when you compare it with Love we have for girlfriends /boyfriends you can see the difference.

Point is that LOVE IS PERFECT STAGE  and Lust is just an imitation of it.

I might be sounding as rubbish thinking of a Utopian stage but again there must be a Reference and it has to be zero level of contamination of the Love

Who's the creator?

Following is a story i heard from  my well wishers.Recently i read it in a magazine ,so i searched down on net and got this one from

In the book: The Truth: God or evolution? Marshall and Sandra Hall describe an often quoted exchange between Newton and an atheist friend.

Sir Isaac had an accomplished artisan fashion for him a small scale model of our solar system, which was to be put in a room in Newton’s home when completed. The assignment was finished and installed on a large table. The workman had done a very commendable job, simulating not only the various sizes of the planets and their relative proximities, but also so constructing the model that everything rotated and orbited when a crank was turned. It was an interesting, even fascinating work, as you can imagine, particularly to anyone schooled in the sciences.

Newton’s atheist-scientist friend came by for a visit. Seeing the model, he was naturally intrigued, and proceeded to examine it with undisguised admiration for the high quality of the workmanship. “My, what an exquisite thing this is!” he exclaimed. “Who made it?” Paying little attention to him, Sir Isaac answered, “Nobody.” Stopping his inspection, the visitor turned and said, “Evidently you did not understand my question. I asked who made this.” Newton, enjoying himself immensely no doubt, replied in a still more serious tone, “Nobody. What you see just happened to assume the form it now has.” “You must think I am a fool!” the visitor retorted heatedly, “Of course somebody made it, and he is a genius, and I would like to know who he is!” Newton then spoke to his friend in a polite yet firm way: “This thing is but a puny imitation of a much grander system whose laws you know, and I am not able to convince you that this mere toy is without a designer or maker; yet you profess to believe that the great original from which the design is taken has come into being without either designer or maker! Now tell me by what sort of reasoning do you reach such an incongruous conclusion?”

Many of you might be knowing this one but reading this one again and again

make you ponder over the questions like  Who’s the Creator?,Who am I?..

The questions are already  answered..just get the right info from the right source…

but where are they answered


The scientists RE+SEARCH a thing that means it is already there and they are researching it ///

Infact  in recent times i have found that some info which is already present in Vedas is now being resarched by scientists.

But yes i do wanna mention here get right info from the right source that is do not fall prey to distorted knowledge .But go for right source such that Knowledge from scriptures is not distorted rather is presented As It was when they were written.

Your comments are welcomed for more discussion on this


hmm…Its hard to write on something like this but at the same time it is easy as well.The reason is obvious and that is that We all have some sort of fear.So we all are not stranger to this feeling but at the same time its difficult to
talk about your fear.I wont go into details such as types of fear,or what harmone is released for this..nah..
REASON:::I want to share something more important
Why do we have fear say of anything…losing,separation,ghosts,death,old age
….etc etc.Well the point is “ATTACHMENT ” to some  things like we are attached to aur families,some may  be attached to any particular object say money,and yes who dont want to live forever isnt it ,,,

We fear that someone will take away our beloved thing which according to us the central point of our lives.Offcourse there can be more than one cases of fear.But point is at a particular moment one fear is bigger than the other.

So all the time we are in some sort of anxiety isnt it ,,It is just the level of that Anxiety that may vary from less to more,but Anxiety is there,,Exam tension,,Family tension,,Peer group,ahhh…and We can go on and on .

but most of  the time we are fearing for the things which themselves are not of eternal nature.One day or anotherwhen you will be a dead person ,,all the money will be gone,,Fame etc everything will be lost isnt it and that time you cant save yourself from death by giving huge amount of money or saying that Please leave me ,,Nah

my point is that its better not to fear for such things,so does that mean be a pessimistic ,,Worlds gonna end oh la ohla..

this is only one part ,,Moving towards a better part <<

Why not work for a thing which goes in my eternal bank account(U have one,,;)..Mail me).Why not have fear for a thing which will raise me to  a higher level,,and speaking like a shrewd businessman ,,What profit Am i getting to fear for temporary things ,,What should be my point of attachment so that i can love that thing and even if I am afraid of losing it ,,I just get more closer to it…and when I get that There will be “No More Fear”

sounds nice

NO MORE FEAR,,what say.

A Smile can do wonders……


So nice pic to start(he,,heh  i am starting to comment on the topic myself)

Well on a serious note ,what is a  SMILE

from wikipedia I found out following definition of a smile

smile is a facial expression formed by flexing those muscles most notably near both ends of the mouth. The smile can also be found around the eyes. Among humans, it is customarily an expression denoting pleasure, happiness, or amusement, but can also be an involuntary expression of anxiety, in which case it is known as a grimace. Cross-cultural studies have shown that smiling is used as a means of communicating emotions throughout the world.[1] Happiness is most often the motivating cause of a smile.

thats what wiki has to say….but whats your idea..when someones give you a nice smile how does it feel…you can take your time to think about it.

To say the least ,it gives you a soothing effect or a calming effect 

it gives you a chance to ease yourself in the given environment for example just imagine you have your viva or say presentation and your confidence is on a lowere side but somehow or other if you go on and pass a good smile to the coordinator and if somehow or other he smiles ,,,its so calming….(i know a lot of approximation is done here but still,,,just in case….)

So,,,now we have a little outlook to smile

but important consideration is Is your smile REAL,,Are you feeling BLISS naturally or Is it just a fake one(Remember the viva example)

In most of the cases,,Its all fake.

You stand in front of your teacher giving him a nice smile and from inside …Only one voice “when will be he leaving”

You stand in your balcony giving a nice smile to your neigbhors but inside ..Only one voice “I am much beeter than him”

You are with your  girlfriend showing a nice gesture of happiness,,but from inside you know its not love….

Alas,,then from where one can find a real smile ,a blissful smile,a chrismatic and lovingly smile

offcourse that place should have no envious nature ,there should be no one there criticising another for his own sense gratiication,and hence no envy will result in the real relationships ,not the false ones existing in this world today(mostly)

So where do you get such a place,Where is that place ??

Its there where all people will be satisfied,,no inch of insatisfaction

and where can one be satisfied–the answer can be wherehe gets real pleasure 

so where he can get real pleasure–the answer can be when he meets a person who can satisfy him and other beings simultaneously

And who is that person

Are they the politicians–A big NO

your family and friends-They dont have universal appeal ,,,

someone like a big industrialist-Always busy in money making,,,so No

then is there no one here who can give us real pleasure 

offcourse there is one


just try this ,,pray To God to reveal to you the path to perfection of life.

I am ending this article here ,even though it may appear that i have got little bit off topic but actually i have left you with the central point of everything which has been discussed and will be discussed ,,it may appear that its vague writing ,,but if you sincerely follow whats writen in the END ,,mark my words IT WILL BE A NEW BEGGINING


What are you going to do with this money

Before I start, just one thing I am not a pessimist

so here it goes

Panting  like anything.What happened boss.Why are you running so hard and for what.

Just a one word answer:MONEY

well if  you give it a thought its not hard to imagine that today people are in a marathon where there are differnt stages and hence different prizes(money offcourse)presented.They run their whole life trying to get this imagining that they will get out some pleasure out of it and in the end even while giving up this body their only concern is their Bank balance and how their family is going to perform in this marathon.

i am not at all saying that its not important(offcourse if you give it a more deep thinking ,,for some it is not) but yes, IS IT WORTHY ENOUGH TO SELL YOUR LIFE IN RETURN OF SAY A MILLION DOLLARS OR ADD UP AS MUCH YOU WANT,,

Is it really that much important.

Before you come to a conclusion lets have a look at few points

We do any work thinking that  we are to derive some pleasure out of it.Isn’t it?So that means We have a conception that Money will give me pleasure and I will be happy or happier.But Do you really become happy .Is  there real pleasure or not.Its just temporary.No Money banks will give one  a surity that yes even in next lifetime one can use the account ( they are not even sure about this lifetime only what to say about next).

some may think my family life will be successful but we see so many family fueds over this money.

some are having full faith that this money will make me the most influential person on this earth,so,but the question is for how long.As soon as you are dead slowly you and your money will fade away.

You can think about different ways to make use of this money but all you find is some temporary pleasure 

I  am not a pessimist,No not at all when i mention above things .My only concern is that why to waste so much energy on a thing which is just going to give you temporary benefit.Actually you can say that its ultimate optimism::WHY NOT WORK FOR A HIGHER CAUSE ,that can give you a higher ,Real pleasure,which is not temporary.

So what is the thing then which can give you best result.

lets see if we can have some points to discuss about this in future articles but yes those of you who are really interested there is a way…just pray to God to reveal that path to you.

just think about it .


let your creativity unfold in right direction….


let  your  creativity unfold  in  right  direction….

Creativity ….having a sense of doing something creative

Creative …exploring your thoughts and then shaping them in some form or another

so these are some basic definitions with which one can approach the big big world of Creativity.

You might have heard that everyone of us have some sort of talent …but the question is

how many of us recognise  it

it doesn’t stops here,,,,again one may ask how many of us capitalise on recognised talents

if we give it a more deep thought the question arises how many of us capitalise on the talent, given to us  by God , in the right direction?

This  article doesn’t give you a quantitized survey or some dubious numbers but gives you a chance  Or compels you to unfold your creativity in right direction.

Recognising  the talent

We have observed  the younger ones at home playing with their  toys ,,having their own stories to tell   with  their  imagination going from the various modes such as mode of observations(they observe a lot),mode of curosity,etc etc and they put in all this to CREATE ,to SHAPE their thoughts

Take  the example as follows

here is an  airplane model  he made last year  (he was 6 and a half year or so at that time) .  I was amazed to see  that one,,,and the way he was using it as a prop for his story telling stuff was much more amazing .I asked him about how he made it  and he litrally explained me all those steps

Check this out too (he tells me it’s a bee or a mosquito ).He was really concerned about minute details like ..there must be pointed nose etc .

who knows he can make something like these ones  in future ….


Its just an example but the point I want to stress upon is that you have to somehow recognise the talent you possess which offcourse is a difficult job .Its generally the thing that interest you the most ,that you look out for, isnt it But what if you have two or three such things, what if you can’t decide or zero on to a single point ..simply  have a go at all of them (it would be better if you do something taking care of all your interests) ,,,,,no need to go to a psychic for that…

Capitalising  on the talent

Next concern is capitalising on your discovered talent .as said earlier  have a go at all of them  but what to do ,how to do,when to do.,…….

I was also concerned about these things in some other perspective but someone said to me JUST DO IT ,,,

Yes ,some sort of planning must be there but BE CAREFUL<> DON’T MAKE THINGS TOO COMPLICATED FOR YOURSELF <>

Because if you do that I can gurantee you that  your interest will start to go down..

So plan a little ,enjoy ,and don’t try to jump from lowest to highest

Right direction

That’s the most interesting and challenging part .How do you recognize this ?

One way can be follow your instinct ,,,,,which I don’t think is dependable how can a person come to know about the right direction .

Another way ‘try them all’again I don’t think its sensible enough to do so.

So whats the answer


It’s the best and most accurate method.It can be compared as a case of

Self medication vs Advise of an Authorized Doctor

We  with our defects are not potent enough to  have an ascending  way of getting knowledge so better follow a descending path ,,that’s coming from a higher authority and that too authorized one.

Just for an example if you want to be an engineer you join engineering institutes and your preference is offcourse a government recognized one ,,So submissively approach a higher authority having similar interests or who is in complete knowledge of that matter to show you the right path

The last part of the article is the most practicle and best one and it can be applied in every field of your life like if someone is spiritually  inclined  try to approach a bonafide authority and let your creativity  unfold in right direction.