Tumhara Naam….

Kuch Baatein Adhoori,,,
Thodi Thodi,,,
Likh Leta hoon Kabhi Kabhi….

So,,, Kya likhun fir,,,soch hi raha tha ki,,,aisa laga jaisa dil kuch keh raha hai,,,,,thoda sunne ki koshish ki uski baat to kehta hai ki,,,,,,,




Likh do Dil ke armaano ko..
Likh do apni chahtein…
Likh do saare gam apne…
Tum likh do saari raahtein

Likh do har kisse ko
Likh do saari Kahaaniyan,,,
Lik do vo saath apna…
Likh do saari tanhayiaan,…

Har nazdiki likh do aaj tum
tum likh do saari  duriaan,,,
Un ghanto lambi baaton ko likh do…
Likh do,,,
Likh do saari khaamoshiyaan…

Rang saare apne mann ke
Bhar do kagaz pe aaj hi…
tum likh do har andhere ko,,,
likh do ,,, har roshni…

Likh do apna sab kuch
Likh do jo chupaate ho
Likh do apni hakeekat saari…
Likh do jo sapne sajaate  ho…

Main Kalam uthata soch kar
Ke likh doonga ye sabhi,,,
Kagaz pe tab likh pata hoon
Kagaz pe ta likh pata hoon…

Kuch Baatein Adhoori,,,
Thodi Thodi,,,
Likh Leta hoon Kabhi Kabhi….



In palko ke saaye main…….

A poem straight from mah heart….

ki aanso keh rahein hai kuch tumse
sun lo inki daastan bhi
dekh lo, har ashk ko,,behte hue aaj zara
chupe kab se the in palko ke saaye main…….


Ke ruk sakte nahi aaj ye..

bas ,,,,,

bas  chahte hain behna hi

gam ki lehrein hain ye toh…

aa gaye hain aaj ufaan main,


ki khwaish hai nahi inki,koi badi, bahut…

bas chuna chahte hain tumhare haath hi,,,,

aur  ponch nahi sakte agar tum,

inhe rok nahi skate agar tum,

toh bas ik boond ko chupa lo apne haathon main,,,,

dekh lo, har ashk ko,,behte hue aaj zara
chupe kab se the in palko ke saaye main…….

After a long time ,i  hv written sth like this,,..kind of emotional ryt now,,,won’t be able to write more ryt now……..
waiting for ur comments,,

Tujhse nafrat karun kaise

Here is another one guys,,,,waiting for your comments

Poocho na haal-e-dil mera ,

ke kaise karun byaan..

ruki dhadkan ,tuta  dil bhi

bas hai  dard ki daastan,


Tha jo kuch bhi,,bas unse tha,

khoya unko jo ,,,sab kho gya…

bas  reh gya nasha .. unka hi

aur dil unke gam main ro rhaa…


tu bewafa tha,,iska gam nahi

dil tuta yeh ,,iska gam nahi,,,

hai gam toh bas is baat ka

ki hai ab bhi tere deedar ka inzaar..

hai ab bhi teri nazron ko dhundhti ye nazar..

ke ab bhi pyaar hai tujhse,,,

tu hi bata ae  bewafa

karun tujhse nafrat kaise

nafrat kaise


Please leave comments if u like this one 🙂

Na Hogi tab Judaai

aahha after a long time

here’s one from me..


Yun hi juda ho jaate hain vo ,

kyun na jane hamse,

jinse hum hain ,jinse dil hai..

jinse  hai yeh zindagi hamari.

kyun chod dete hain yun humein …

kya awaaj nahi sunai deti is dil ki ,,

ye awaaj hamari…..


hamari chahto ,ka sabr dekh rahaien hai vo bhi kya  bhla

hamari aarzo ki intehaa ,,unhe kya nahi pata…

ki unke intezaar main …beeta hai har lamhaa..

beetigi agar ye zindgani bhi ,,toh kya gila..


Ae khamosh humsafar mere,

pukarega ek din tu bhi hamein..

hogi tujhko aarzo ,,hoga tujhko pyaar bhi…

ishk haazir rahega mera bhi,,,

na hogi tab  koi judaai…

na hogi tab koi judaai..


ahahhahah yes yes …

this post was in my drafts for so long….completed it today…yipeee

hows it…waiting for your comments

ki har lamha dhundha jinhe vo kahan hai ghum ho gaya …

ek hi toh dost tha mera vo bhi juda ho gaya..

A New Journey on the Cards(Thursday Poets Rally)

Woha! Here is my chance of shooting to fame (hehehehe,,i am still a self proclaimed poet,,no one else thinks that i am actually one 😛 :D)

Sweet Jingle has this Thursday Poets rally at her blog ,,a must for upcoming bloggers,looking out for making some great friends having similar interests ..


so here’s my entry (first one ) for the rally…and yeah I wrote this one for one of my friends.She just got placed…Whoa whoa,,

A new journey on the cards..

full of enthusiasm you are..

morosity is far apart

searching your life..you move forward.


As a princess,now you shine,,

Life appears to be sublime.

full of adventures is your new world..

May you glide through like a bird..


A thought of happiness

and a feeling of bliss

may follow you,,

O lovely miss…

P.S. As far as I remember this is only my second attempt at writing a poem in English(i generally write in hindi)

Last time I wrote in English ,,was i think in third or fifth standard in school

“Bird can fly,

Penguin can fly,,

why can’t i fly”

Ahhh yaar Penguins don’t fly or do they ,,,see i am still confused

Anywayz waiting for your comments ,,,

“Don’t wanna say see ya

can’t say Hee ya..

so i think Ma Ma mia will do”

Bad PJ..hehe

Poetry And A Self Proclaimed Poet

When i sat down to write” something about anything   “,,,i was perplexed about the “anything” part.

But as i decided to share some feelings about Poetry i got  confused or rather amazed by the “Something” part.

Poetry,is “something”  that was  all i could think  and still i felt  i could  go on writing about it.

That says all.doesn’t it

I don’t want to define Poetry because i don’t think i can bind it in a certain definition.Infact its the ” freedom of expression” that Poetry has which makes it so affable to me .How many times a Poet may appreciate this quality of his work which enables him to express as himself as he wants too.It can be anything Agony,Anger,Betrayal,Rage,Revolution …anything you say,Poetry has it

The thoughts take the form of words and poem flows like a river of thoughts conveying the message to desired person.thats the power of Poetry.

Poetry has given a new dimension to my life ,,(i am a “self proclaimed poet”, if u forgot 🙂 ) .Its like a friend , i could relate to,i could turn to when I want ,i could look up to when i need .

It has become a means to explore the world ,a means to find new friends,a means to revive friendship and yes a means to express my feelings.Feelings,which remained restricted to me find out there way to outside world through Poetry and that is what I appreciate the most.

Poetry links me to the  beautiful expressions at  Megzone and Open Mind .

The point is it somehow plays a linking and distincting(is there any word like this) part at same time ,writing about different things and liking it likeways

All I can say is that..

I thank God for giving this to me .

And yes,

I am not a great poet,not a frequent blogger and have less frequency of writing poems but one thing which sets me apart is that i could say  “Poetry is something” and yet i could go on and on writing about it

Ek dil tha mere paas bhi…

I can’t tell you guys how much  i missed blogging and Indiblogger(exams were on  🙁 and then my computer was in a mess)

But I am back now and no prizes for guessing

I am back with another of my “broken heart” poems

Now on a serious note ..

Heart is something that i am not able to define, its nature has somehow , always deluded me.

Sometimes you just know that something is wrong with your heart…yearning for someone can lead to a state of mess and interestingly enough if you try to describe that state ,,,it gives you a poetic feeling,,

Here is one such attempt……….

Ek dil tha mere paas bhi

dhadkta tha …

behkta tha…..

khush tha bin pyaar ke hi,

Ek dil tha mere paas bhi


fir ek din jo dekha  unhein,

mera na raha ye mera dil.

Kambhakt,unka ho gaya,

Kho gaya vo mera dil..

ke naam likh diya khud pe bas unka hi…

Ek dil tha mere paas bhi


subah thi unki baaton se..

raaton (nights) main unki baahein thi..

dhup main aanchal rang bikherta,,

kya rangeen hamari shaamein thi

Ke unke bin,

mera din…

tha din nahi…

ek dil tha mere paas bhi


Ke khush the hum,thode hairan bhi

kaise humpe thi yun kismat fida bhi…

ke yun toh suna tha zaalim hota hai pyaar  bada

fir kaise tha ishk hum pe mehrbaan hi…

Par …fir…

Par fir ishk ne,us pyaar ne,us mere dildaar ne

di aisi rusvai

hum the bas aur hamari tanhai…

hmm bewafa the vo..

kar di bewafai

kar di bewafai


ke dil ek reh gaya tuta hi,,,,,,,,,

Ek dil tha mere paas bhi

dhadkta tha …

behkta tha…..

khush tha bin pyaar ke hi,

Ek dil tha mere paas bhi


Ahhh…feels so good to be back

Plz let me know if you like it,,,,waiting for ur comments 🙂

and yes missed out on one point ..just changed the theme of this blog too..kindly review this too…


My Wage

I mentioned about 2 poems in my last post in this category ..

this is the 2nd poem which i got from  magazine..

Thought of sharing it here on my blog….

Really a beautiful one…………..


I bargained with Life for a penny

And life would pay no more,

However I begged at evening

When I counted my scanty store;

For Life is a just employer,

He gives you what you ask,

But once you have set the wages,

Why ,you must bear the task.

I worked for a menial’s hire,

Only to learn ,dismayed,

That any wage i had asked of life

Life would have paid.

Jessie B. Rittenhouse

Cost of Lessons Learned

Was just reading some  Magazines  and i came across two beautiful poems..so thought of putting up them here.So now “my poems” category also includes the poems i like.

Cost Of Lessons Learned

The lessons of life are hard-earned

when you find a love that doesn’t return

Yet,this lesson of this week

of the soulmate I would seek…

I knew from the beginning

that it would go nowhere

so does it really matter

that I knew he didn’t care?

A day or so ago my heart would have cried out,

from wounds of pain that I would shout .

Yet,somehow that’s not the case

and there’s no pain to erase.

The sun it shines so bright;

now no more petty fights.

When there is thought of loss

make experience the cost.


Shuruaat Toh Karo Badlega Bharat

This is not exactly a poem but have a poetic feeling trying to raise
ourselves from our present condition of utter carelessness for the country
I wrote this one after reading the line ~शुरुआत तोह करो बदलेगा भारत~
a signature used by my brother Aditya Kumar Nayak

(he is one of founding members of  Youth for India Movement)

offcourse the first line is taken from there ….

Shuruaat toh karo badlega bharat
chalo ik baar pooch ke dekhe khud se
Bharat hai kya
1st answer:
Arey Bharat ,,,kis bharat ki baat kar rahein hai aap
vo mera Delhi vala Padosi
ya Banglore vala Dost
arey ek bharat aur hai vo…
haan college main

2nd answer
arey acha apna Bharat
Main nahi bhula Bharat ko
arey India Ka har cricket match dekhta hoon
har 4 pe taali maarta hoon
har 6 pe uchalta hoon
yehi hai na bharat
yehi hai na bharat dekha mujhe yaad hai

3rd answer
shayad maine suna hai toh kahin par …..
arey haan yaad aaya
teacher ne padaya tha
“Hum sab bhartiy(indian) hain hum ,Bharat desh main rehte hain
humein apni matrabhoomi ka karz chukana chaiye”
yehi hai na Bharat ..
yehi hai na Bharat ..
dekha mujhe yaad hai,,,,

haan ab thoda paas pahunche Bharat ke ….
fir bhi yeh Bharat hai kya..
hamare aaj ka ek hissa hai ya nahi…
ya kitaabo main basa koi kissa hai bas
kyun nazre chura lete hain iski aaj ki halat se
kyun yun chup chap gavah ban jaate hain iske rone(crying) ka
kyun uth kar ise sahara nahi dete hum
kyun dusro ke bharose chod dete hain APNE BHARAT KO
Shuruaat toh Karo Badlega Bharat

O maggi.!!

This is a nothing of a poem,,maybe one of the most ridiculuous one i have ever written but i can’t help myself but posting it.It was written on the spot during a conversation with a friend (roughly 1 year back).
I did some  changes in 1 -2 lines only,,now
.(Maggi wale maar denge,,,lol)
Here it goes::

o maggi ,,o maggi
do minute main ban hai jati
un do minuto(minutes) main de deti khushiyaan
apno ke saath hone ki
tera ek ek ansh
jaise un palo ka hisaab rakhta hai
jo mujh ko mujh se jodte hain
mujh ko apno se jodte hain
tujh ko hum sab se
jodte hain
toh aaja maggi
aaj fir jod de……
.apne peele dhago se
o maggi o maggi…
o maggi o maggi

koi bana ke khila do boss…lol

Uski Talaash main ,ek safar

This is a short poem reflecting on a stage of a man  searching for his love.He has taken on this journey searching for her  but its a long journey and doubts are coming in his mind but heart at once gives him the answer and as such the direction

“In rahon se guzrate hue,

kuch tanha sa tha lag raha,

yun toh chale ja raha tha,,

kuch thaka hua  tha laga raha”

“dekha jidhar bhi tab maine,

dikha nahi koi mujhe,,

kya soch liya  tha maine yun hi,

kya mila tha mujhe”

“jeene ki pyaas main,

zindagi ki aas main,

bas yun hi chal pada tha,

uski talaash main”

“fir socha maine,

ke jisko dhundh raha hoon main,

kya vo bhi kar rahi hogi mera intzaar kahin,

yeh raasta hai jahan le ja raha,

uski manzil hai vo ya nahin”

ek hi jawaab aaya tab

is dil ke aayne (mirror) se:::

“yeh raaste chahe lagte tanha hain

par ye tanha nahi,,

har lamha un yaadon ka saath hai,

ye un par chod diya humne ke

hum galat the ya sahi,

humein to bas unhi se pyaar hai….”


Bas Tu hi tu hai aaj toh…

Well I am a self proclaimed Poet and as such i make a point to write Poems for my friends on their birthdays but interestingly those poems never  turn out to be  birthday poems ,instead they   give a feeling of celebration ,,,making the birthday girl(in this case) feel that she is  special .The poem focuses on how the last year was and wishes best for the coming year .The poem revolves around her  family and last but not he least her life,,interestingly still their is no mention of a birthday/…..Here it goes

bas tu hi tu hai aaj toh ,
tham gaye hain baaki sabhi .
ki tera hi ahsaas hai bas,
chu rahi tujhko roshni..

ki aaj aasman hai paas lage..
jamin par pair(feet) tikte nahi …
ki kho jaane ka man hai kar raha,,,
apno ke beech main kahin

hai apno ki yaadon se bana ,
kal (p)ke yaadon ka apnapan..
hai ummedon ke rang se judi hui,
kal(f) ke sapno ki taajgi..

hai chal rahi jis aur tu..
hai raasta jo tune chuna..
aage bada hai ye safar..
kehte hain isko jindagi

Note :: The kal(p) refers to past and kal (f) refers to future.

Chalo Mila Doon Aaj…

Sometimes you feel something what you can’t say but its nothing less than a miracle how poetry makes expressing your thoughts so simple and genuine..
This poem i feel is still incomplete but this very that incompleteness(is there a word like this?) is the idea behind the poem

chalo mila doon aaj..
ek insaan se ..
bhid main chupe aise anjaan se…
jo ajnabee hai par ajnabee nahi…
khushi usko ‘bhi’ jo mili nhi..
kyun naa mil ke dekhein
kuch khwabo se..
ek ahsaas se
ek pal se,
zindagi se….
kya chata hai vo
kya pata hai vo
kyun jeeta hai vo
kispe marta hai vo
kya mila use
aasman ke rang  ya uska sunapan
zameen ki dhadkan ya uski tanhayee
suraj se roshni ya uska yun dhal jana
hava sa udna ya uska tham jana
paani ke bahaav ya  uska tehraav
ke pyaar hai mila ya nhi..
kisi se hai gila ya nhi..
koi chahta hai use?
koi dost hai ya nhi?
hai itna gumsum kyun
kyun itna khafa hai vo
kya hai baat hui..
khud ko sajaa deta hai jo///
hai roshni ki talaash main ya ab andhera acha lagta hai
rehna chahta hai khwab main ya hakeekat byan karta hai
choona chahta hai usko ya sirf yaadein choona chahta hai
kehna chahta hai bhi
ya sirf sunna chahta hai
kya hai?
kaun hai
kyun hai
chalo mila doon usse
khud se

note:The particular line “Aasmaan ka sunapan” is  inspired from one of the old songs


A sms poem(couldn’t think of a title)

note :: The first line of the poem has been inspired by an old song
I wrote this one when one of my friends couldn’t mail some important pics even after trying so hard .Intrestingly this seems to have better Bewfaii feeling,,

Thus poems can be decptive and you see i couldn’t think of an app title
(was just a SMS so its a short one)

ki unko kahein bhi toh kya kahein,
bewafa vo nahi …
halaat hi kuch aise the ki vo wafaa kar na sake..
dil toh saaf tha unka bhi…
par dil ke jajbaat ubhar na sake..
ki yun to gam ka aashiyan hi ,unse mila..
khushi is baat ki hai ke vo bhi hum se dur khush nhi.,,,,
aur chahta toh har koi hai par naseeb nahi hota..
pyaar ki dubti kashti main hum akele nahi

Bewafai -I

Well this was the first one of my Bewafai series.”Rang bhar de in Kore Kagzo par”(http://divyanshu.net/2009/08/rang-bhar-de-in-kore-kagzo-par-bewfaii-3/) can be seen as one from this series only.

Thus the reader can assess how much growth have I shown or is it  the other way


I don’t remember when I wrote this one maybe after 8th standard or after taking my tenth class exams..idon’t remember honestly.

the poem will seem to be a a rhyming thing(though i still do the same thing most of times but i feel my poems are more meaningful now)

It is still close to my heart ,one of my first steps to poem writing. Here it goes;;

Aha yaad aa raha hai humein vo samaa

jab uska saal tha solva

mukhtej uska aisa tha ki suraj chota lagta tha

uske saamen toh har koi khota lagta tha

shitlalta aisi thi mukh par ki chand sharma jaye

chandni ko chod chand uske paas chala aaye

fir ek din ,Bhagwan ne kya chalaya chakkar ,

ho gayi humari parking ground main takkar

hamne kaha do maafi

vo boli ghar chalo ,piyo coffee

yeh sun hamein tha bada achmbba

ki tabhi rate main aa gaya ek khambba

lagta hai takrane ka din tha ki hum usse bhi takra gaye

magar uske kamal rupi honth muskra gaye

Fir kya tha ,Duniya se chup,

jab andhera hota tha gup

hum dono milte the

pyaar ke ful(flowers) khilte the

Lagta tha ki zindagiki manzil thi aa gayi jiska hamein bachpan se intzaar tha

vo aur kuch nahi dosto ,,uska mera pyaar tha

fir ek din vo chod gayi mujhe

lagaa ki zindagi ke diye the mujhe

gam bhulane ke liye bas sharab hi dikhi

pehli baar thodi lagi tikhi

magar uski di kadvahat se,magar uski di kadvahat se

ye sharab thi mithi

Dev se mein devdas ban gaya

har Bar main har Pub main kuch khaas ban gaya

Itne saal beet gaye magar mujhe yeh baat

samajh main nahi aayi

kyun ki usne yeh Bewfai

kyun ki usne yeh Bewfai

As you can see though when I read this now I laugh a little but I also enjoy the cuteness of those early days

Hope u like it.

aaj jashn hai tera

Here is a  short poem (very short indeed)which i had written for a friend on her birthday

aaj jashn hai tera ..

jaise koi sapna ho.

aaj ummeed hai tujhe tujhko sabse..jaise har koi apna ho

beete saal ke har pal ki awaaj sun rahi hogi shayad

sun rahi hogi apni aur apno ki kahani

khushiyon aur gam ke rango ki kahani

kisi se milne toh kisi se bhichedne ki kahani,

beete saal ke har pal ki awaaj sun rahi hogi shayad


umang se bhari hui aane wale kal ke khwab saja rahi hogi shayad..

saja rahi hogi…man main

ek naye aagaz ki kahani

ummedon ke bhanvar,sapno ki kahani..

zindagi ke karvan ki kahani…

umang se bhari hui aane wale kal ke khwab saja rahi hogi shayad..

yeh din hi kuch aisa hai,,

yeh din tera hai

Rang bhar de in kore kagzo par…(Bewfaii 3)

Kab se ye kitaab khuli hai uske intzaar  main,

ki kab vo aaye or rang de iske kore kaagzo ko.

Yeh Kitaab usse puch rahi haiki

kab tak mere panne kore rahenge,tere rango se dur

kya kora rehna hi inki kismat hai?

Kya yehi hai inka naseeb?

sunai nahi padti tujhe meri  sehmi si dhadkan?

Kya nahi dikhai padta tujhe mera sunapan?

Nafrat ki is aandhi main mere sab panne fat jayenge ,

Kore the mere kaagaz kya kore hi reh jayenge?

Kyun bani hai yeh rango se duri,

aisi bhi hai kya majburi?

Aa Rang de mujhe,rang de mujhe

rang tere pyaar ka,rang tere sahaare ka…..

rang tere hone ke ehsaas ka

rang meri saanso se zudi teri saans ka

Rang de mujhe apne rango se,

Rang de mujhe apne rango se

Kab se ye kitaab khuli hai uske intzaar  main,

ki kab vo aaye or rang de iske kore kaagzo ko.

i think following will be much easier o read
कब से ये किताब खुली है उसके इंतज़ार में,
की कब वो आए और रंग दे इसके कोरे कागजों को

यह किताब उससे पूछ रही है की,
कब तक मेरे पन्ने कोरे रहेंगे,तेरे रंगो से दूर।
क्या कोरा रहना ही इनकी कीस्मत है?
क्या येही है इनका नसीब?
सुनाई नही पड़ती तुझे मेरी सहमी सी धड़कन ?
नही दिखाई पड़ता क्या तुझे मेरा सूनापन?

नफरत की इस आंधी में,मेरे सब पन्ने फट जायेंगे,
ह्म्म,,,, कोरे थे मेरे कागज़ क्या कोरे ही रह जायेंगे ?
क्यों बनी है यह रंगो से दूरी?
ऐसी भी है क्या मजबूरी ?

आ रंग दे मुझे,आ रंग दे मुझे……..
रंग तेरे प्यार का,रंग तेरे सहारे का…
रंग तेरे होने के एहसास का,
रंग मेरी saanso से जुड़ी तेरी saans ka….

रंग दे मुझे अपने रंगो से,
रंग दे मुझे अपने रंगो से

कब से ये किताब खुली है उसके इंतज़ार में,
की कब वो आए और रंग दे इसके कोरे कागजों को

Kuch kehna hai Dosto se

Dhundh kar bhi dhundh paye na mujhe……..
to kya janoge mere baare main…..
dost to har kone main mil jaate hain,hai na
to mujhe bhi ek kissa hi samajh lo dosto………
ab DOSTI ka MATLAB,MATLAB ki DOSTI ho gaya hai……….
to mujhe bhi apne kisi maksad ka zariya samajh lo dosto………
zindagi ki kashmksh main hain sabke raste zuda………
waqt ki is daud main ab kaun kiska kahan raha…………….
aise tanha safar main …….
mujhko apna saya samajh lo dosto……
duniya ke galiyaro main ab sakht hakikat basti hai to kya hua,
mujhko ek pyaara sa khwaab hi samajh lo dosto………
hmmm…..do pal ke liye apna samajh lo dosto ……
do pal ke liye apna samajh lo dosto……..