My First Video shoot

Aha ,,ma ma miaaaa …

Here i am …so much wait for this one…has been almost a month or so ,,,,

This is my first video post,,:D

I was sitting and my big bro turned up saying why not make a video ,with  me reading out one of  my poems,,,it sounded cool and there were we ,after some time, made a video

I was nervous ,i stammered a little bit ,,and as such was  facing camera for first time but i decided to post the first try itself because thats what spontaniety is all about..

This one is EK dil tha mere paas bhi.

For lyrics of poem go here :Ek dil tha mere paas bhi

waiting for your views :);)

(ye bata do yaar kurte pajame main kaisa lag raha hoon)

Awards ,,,Abakkabugga bugga bugga

i remember in my childhood whenever i used to feel happy there was this

“abakka bugga bugga bugga ” dance which i used to do

and thanx to jingle i am feeling the same today

I came across her beautiful blog just some time back ,participated in Thursday Poets rally and she was so generous to give me my first awards in Blogosphere

thank you soo much

and yes i wanna nominate Megzone

And here are my cherished awards

i feel truly honoured Jingle ,,,but i won’t be able to take part in rally this time,,hope to be back soon

My cool orkut Display names

Its hard to beleive for my friends but I was an Orkut addict sometime back.

I had this uncanny nack of changing my display name EVERYDAY. Infact some people told me that they SIGNED IN daily just to see my display names.

they felt that they were really cool

haha 😉 :)…

ahhh..well maybe not cool…but yaar these names are worth millions to me…joking….acha i will also be giving the hidden meaning behind them……..
the material is copy right protected…….(i had them on my other blog too)

here are some of my favourites:::

1.Meri shirt ke button band
my shirt sorts of not allow my heart to spill out the beans…….kitne raaj chupe hain is dil main….
2.Ud ja makhi,zinda hoon main
i m reeeaaallly that much lazy….ahh(the inspiration was from one of the movie)
3.Sadak ke gadde main pani bhra hai
sadak ke gadde main pani bhra hai mere aasaon(tears) se……niceee
4.Street light jal bujh rahi hai.
hmmm nice……street light jal bujh rahi hai,,,,,,,means i m confused

it is one of the best,
u see it has two point of views
a) a pencil box consists of all the small little things…..similarly our life is based upon the little things ……..
b) in our childhood we are like pencils ,sort of can make mistakes at a much frequent rate,we are at our learning stages than our parents and teachers sort of act as sharpners and sharpens our skills,we become like pen then ,,,,,more confident,than life goes on and in end just erased……
6.mere jug main pani nahi..hmmm
mera jag(world) suna suna lage……..its lonely out there

read my poem….rang bhar de in kore kagzo par

8.Kaise dhoya Kapde sukhte hi nahi,,,
have u seen a wet cloth..kaise pani tip tip karke girta hai… usi tarah ye aanso aate rehte hain…rukte hi nahi kambhakt….
so just asking kaisa dhoya ,,,ye kapde sukhte hi nahi……

9.between 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m…..aisa relationship

at 12:00 noon the hour hand and minute hand are together,hands in hand ..that is relationship is strong and at 6 :00 pm they are poles apart .So my relationship status is between them.

10.Mera cell fir charge hoga kya……..
arey saw one of my friends,,,,pyaar ka maara………..pooch raha tha…… fir paar hota hai kya……

11.Is deewar mein ek ched ho gaya
that same friend………mujhse bola…… ab to bas only one motto “No Love”………but fir bhi nahi yaar…….nahi bhulti usse…..bahut samjhaya……..but yaar ………..koi mere friend ke liye prayer karo……..