Main, meri patni aur woh

(THIS ISN’T A REVIEW OF THE MOVIE  so don’t get disheartened (as if this is the only thing u are meant to do) )

For those who don’t know this is a name of a movie starring Rajpal Yadav( the funny short man of hindi film industry) who plays the short heighted ,not so good looking husband of his attractive,charming wife.

Thats the cue from the movie that i want to share here.

I am also not that tall  when compared to most of the boys of my class or say peer group.Right from my childhood I had this feeling of being inferior to others because of this.

Main, Meri Patni aur WohI used to worry about making girlfriends,About my marriage,And yes will she have a affair//(Main Meri Patni aur Woh..u see the connection)

I used to dream about me being tall(though I rate myself cutest )

I was pleasently naughty and cynosure of all eyes but yes somewhere inside i always yearned to be taller.I used to  imagine  about being a tall guy.

Some of my relatives used to say “Thoda aur lamba ho jata ,..tohkya persona hota”

I hated them,,

I condoled myself and tried to reply themselves by thinking about Sachin who is short in height but tall in stature.

There was a Doha by Kabir

Bada hua toh kya hua jaise paid(tree) khajur,

Panthi ko chaya nahi fal lage ati dur.

I hummed this one whenever someone commented about my height,just going by its word to word meaning.

(I am not that short guys ,,its just that others were taller than me)

But deep inside i knew ,,these were  just a kind of excuse,,

Used to ask God it was like this ,,why?

And yes i got the answer that has satisfied me ,not like those excuses


So how does it matter whether my body is tall or short ,,its just temporary.

Due to my previous deeds i Got this body,,thats all.

So no more Worries  about My body,My wife and yes the person with whom she will have her first affair..:) 😀

7 thoughts on “Main, meri patni aur woh”

  1. society in general borderlines on being insensitive and or ignorant about someone else’s feelings, until it happens to them. We laugh if some one slipped,or sometimes giggle at an obese woman etc.
    There are two ways one can deal with it. 1.excel in something which will make people stop noticing your shortfall [think Sachin]
    2. Ignore them. – some will shut up eventually when they see -they get no response from you – nothing provokes you.

  2. Dude one thing, I say, girls won’t fall for tall good looking guys, observe it next time wen you see a pair, all you need is to make them laugh with your talk, impress them with your speech.. NOthing is important and I suggest you to read this book, ” Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” a really nice one which explains about the psychology of both sexes in a interesting way

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