A meeting with a Child labourer

This is a fictional story ,presented here in more or less as  a dialogue between me and a child labourer .The idea is to present the views of the effected child from my perspective.

It was another of the typical lunch breaks as me and my friends geared ourselves to go to college mess.However Aparna had different plans.She informed us all about her new found ,the “Khoka da Dhaba”  an eating place at the other end of our college.We all decided to give it a try.

So there were we ,in about 15 min,sitting at The Khoka and waiting for the menu card. I just moved out for a couple of minutes to get some fresh air when suddenly a little boy maybe of age 8 or so approached me and said,”Sahab ,Chai lena kya, 3 rupee ki hai,garm taja chai”

I had always heard about child labour but never seen someone so closely.I was just looking him ,,seeing his tattered sweater,,clumsy hair when suddnely he again said”Chai wala,,,chai garm taja”.

I was thinking about it when Aparna called me for the meal.We had a nice one there but i couldn’t stop thinking about the child .I don’t know why but I wanted to talk to him ,help him if i could.So I stayed back and after some exploring here and there i were directed by the locals to “Chunni Chai ka Stall”

I got the boy there.He enthusiastically came running to me,”Kya Sahab chai peena hai kya”.I said to him Main chai nahi peeta”

Sahab chai nahi peeta,,arey thand ka maheena hai babu peelo na”

I again abstained from it  but with little effort i got the small one to indulge in a talk.

ME:: Kya naam hai tumhara chote miyan..

Boy:: Sahab,,Mai(mother) mujhko Rajkumar kehti hai magar yahan par sab Chotu bulate hain

ME:: Kab se kaam kar rahe ho yahan par

Boy::Sahab,,2-3 hafta ho gaya..acha pagar hai 45 rupya har din ka..

ME :: bas ,tum yahan kaam kyun karte ho ,,sirf  itne paiso ke liye……

I was just stood awestruck after he replied to this one.


Apni toh zindagi hi aisi hai Sahab,

Ghar pe baap marta hai aur yahan maalik,

Kam se kam ghar pe mai ka aanchal to tha

yahan par toh vo bhi nahi hai

Baap peeta rehta hai,

Mai logo ke ghar ,kaam karti hai

Main  yahan kaam karta hoon,,

taki Shanti ,meri choti behen ,ki shaadi ho jaye..

Raju mere bhai ko hospital bhi toh le jana hai

vahan Doctor apne clinic main bulata hia na..

Aur haan Main Ranu ko padana chahta hoon

Pata hia Sahab ,,main bhi padna chahata tha..

Magar main padunga toh Ghar kaise chalega

Roj ek ek rupya bachata hoon

Baapu ki nazar se chupata hoon

Har ek kaam ke liye

Main sabse bada hoon na..

Toh kya hua iske liye baapu thoda maar deta hai toh

Itna toh chalta hai na Sahab ..

Pata hia Sahab,kabhi kabhi khelne ka man karta hai

Tab main Maalik se chupke ,,

yeh glass ke saath khelta hoon ..

ek baar ek tut gaya ,,badi maar padi thi

Koi chai peeta hai toh meri rozi roti chalti hai

Tum Chai lelo na Sahab,Maalik Khush hoga

I took 10 glasses  of  chai  and threw each one ,paud him and saw him running to other customer.I don’t know it was right to do or not .I don’t know how to help him.Just started the long walk back to college ,,,thinking , feeling ashamed of myself,and reflecting MY MEETING WITH A CHILD LABOURER

Note ::(This is the first or maybe second time I am writing something like this

Please share your views and help me to be a better writer)


Shuruaat Toh Karo Badlega Bharat

This is not exactly a poem but have a poetic feeling trying to raise
ourselves from our present condition of utter carelessness for the country
I wrote this one after reading the line ~शुरुआत तोह करो बदलेगा भारत~
a signature used by my brother Aditya Kumar Nayak

(he is one of founding members of  Youth for India Movement)

offcourse the first line is taken from there ….

Shuruaat toh karo badlega bharat
chalo ik baar pooch ke dekhe khud se
Bharat hai kya
1st answer:
Arey Bharat ,,,kis bharat ki baat kar rahein hai aap
vo mera Delhi vala Padosi
ya Banglore vala Dost
arey ek bharat aur hai vo…
haan college main

2nd answer
arey acha apna Bharat
Main nahi bhula Bharat ko
arey India Ka har cricket match dekhta hoon
har 4 pe taali maarta hoon
har 6 pe uchalta hoon
yehi hai na bharat
yehi hai na bharat dekha mujhe yaad hai

3rd answer
shayad maine suna hai toh kahin par …..
arey haan yaad aaya
teacher ne padaya tha
“Hum sab bhartiy(indian) hain hum ,Bharat desh main rehte hain
humein apni matrabhoomi ka karz chukana chaiye”
yehi hai na Bharat ..
yehi hai na Bharat ..
dekha mujhe yaad hai,,,,

haan ab thoda paas pahunche Bharat ke ….
fir bhi yeh Bharat hai kya..
hamare aaj ka ek hissa hai ya nahi…
ya kitaabo main basa koi kissa hai bas
kyun nazre chura lete hain iski aaj ki halat se
kyun yun chup chap gavah ban jaate hain iske rone(crying) ka
kyun uth kar ise sahara nahi dete hum
kyun dusro ke bharose chod dete hain APNE BHARAT KO
Shuruaat toh Karo Badlega Bharat


So here it is ,

A place where i can write down and thus share some thoughts.

before i start uploading  my posts its important for me to share my expectations  out of this venture.

Its easy to answer this one,

You have to start from somewhere and its my way to share my thoughts.I do have plans to make it big but yes at the moment its just a start .

Don’t think its proffessional site but yes i will try to write in a more proffessional way.Though changes can be made later on as in there can be a separate category for fundu style writing

Your suggestions and comments are always welcomed .